Inspire My Day Tip 5: Work Your Work Area

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In an ideal world, my desk area is an inspiring creative corner of zen-like calm. In reality, I usually have to wade through piles of post-its, receipts, memory cards and cups to get to my keyboard. However, I gave it a bit of a tidy recently so thought I’d share the things that I actually like having on it.

Cute desktop wallpaper: I have a folder of these and regularly rotate them. I keep it in Dropbox so can add to it from my computer, phone or iPad, whenever I come across a cute new one. Bri has loads, if you’re looking for new ones.

Art I love: Most of my frames are Ikea, so it’s easy to swap things in and out (though, to be honest, once it’s up on the wall I rarely do). Most of my prints are from Etsy, but I also like to frame anything I love loads (the Rob Ryan framed pic is actually a card, and the doodle is this hilare sketch by the very talented Maria). The snow globe print I bought in a dinky little shop in the Mission area of San Fran. I see it, and think tacos and happiness.

Magnetic board/cork board: Basically, anything that you can add to with ease. The shot above shows a little moodboard of tones I like as well as some Instax shots of my friends and family. Right now I also have the gorgeous Jeannette Winterson short story that I mentioned in this post, torn out of Stylist magazine, taped up too.

Plant life: A little jar of flowers would be awesome, but, in their absence, my little cactus friend does nicely.

Craft corner: I am a total hoarder of cards, washi tape and other random bits. For the longest time, they didn’t have a home (I guess I couldn’t bring myself to admit that I had so many). Then the Raskog tray from Ikea came along. It’s insanely handy, and now all my random crafty bits have somewhere to go.

Other nerdy stuff: This 7-port USB hub has proved invaluable. Ben bought me this mouse charger and I can’t imagine going back to batteries now. I also steal his Wacom for a lot for doodle-y stuff and photo editing.

This post is part of the Alpro Inspire My Day campaign, of which I’m a proud ambassador!


  • What a lovely space! Love the glimpse of the map….now I want a clear topped desk, it’s fab!

    • Thank you! I do love it – even though more often than not it’s more of a storage space for clutter!

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