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Three weeks in and I fall off my link love wagon! With good reason though, I promise – Ben and I found a house! Between the packing and the move and the switching of the internet (a dark time, my friends) there wasn’t much time for blogging. We are, as you might expect, insanely excited about it and I’m trying to be patient and not go on a mad nesting spree.

But anyhow, here are some things I loved this week, in between putting all my possessions into cardboard boxes…

Finding out that The Nap Mask got funded. Cool idea. 

Reading this piece (via Mulley), reminding me to unplug and create.

Fankie Sweet Treats (pic above). Just got it – want to try every single thing. Love the styling of it – bright colours and sweet retro patterns.

The new Ikea Brakig collection. Devo that it’s not coming to Dublin though. Some super gorgeous pieces.

The Buddhify app. I am nothing short of obsessed. I definitely struggle with mediation and mindfulness, and this app has been great, especially at bed time, when my mind is spinning (a serious case of too many tabs). I also really enjoy the “working online” mediations, which were unexpectedly effective. Lovelu UI too.

Emily’s DIY rock magnets.

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