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As I may have mentioned once or twice before, Ben’s mum Lesley is an incredible cook. Not only did she train at Ballymaloe, but she’s someone who just loves cooking and creating, whether it’s for a food shoot in Image Interiors & Living, catering an event, or just having Ben and I around for a comforting pot roast chicken of a Wednesday.

So I was delighted to help her get an online identity, in the form of At the moment, it’s just a place to see some of the lovely things she’s created (with some pics by yours truly), but hopefully soon it will grow and include a blog and – I hope – some cookery and food-growing tips, because almost every time I visit Lesley’s house I leave with some new foodie or plant knowledge, so I just know she’d be brilliant on the blogosphere.

I’d love to say I ‘designed’ the site, but Squarespace‘s template was so pretty that I pretty much just stuck to it (all the podcast and blog sponsoring finally sunk in!). On a techie note, while I did eventually get the hang of their user interface, it was a steeper learning curve than I thought so I don’t think I’ll be leaving WordPress anytime soon. If you’re just starting a site though, or want something that blends portfolio and blog stuff seamlessly, I’d say it’s definitely worth a try.

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