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Guess Who’s Back

New responsive site design! |

At last, I return to my beloved blog! The site was down for a tad longer than I expected (cough), but I did a last minute 180 on the theme (figured it was about time to join the sane kids and get a responsive one) and the whole thing took longer than I had hoped. But from now on this blog should – hopefully – be a pleasure to read, regardless of what device you’re viewing it on.

I hope you like the new look – I must admit I love it. All the gorgeous graphics and my whole re-brand was done by the amazing Belinda Love Lee, and I can’t wait to show you the utterly awesome business cards she created for me. That’s a lot of adjectives in one sentence, I know, but it was just so wonderful to work with someone who totally got what I was after.

Have a click around – I’ve been blogging from behind the curtain so there are some new posts to check out, including:

* A peek at Abigail Ryan‘s gorgeous Belfast studio

* Shots from the insanely fun lifestyle bloggers event

* A shoot at K Chido, Dublin’s delicious new taco truck

* Some pics from a dreamy overnighter at Ballyvolane

* Wise words that sum up this whole endeavour, and, at times, my life mantra

There are still some kinks being ironed out, and please tell me if anything looks weird or wonky. Looking forward to being back on the blogosphere, I have plenty of catching up to do!

PS Apologies to anyone who got subscribes via email and received four weeks of posts at once. Lemme know and I’ll give you some chocolate/a hug next time we meet.

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