Our New Place (And New Plants!)


New place (and new plants!) | nathalie.ie

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll no doubt already know that, after a lorra, lorra searching, Ben and I finally found a place to rent! We moved in at the end of January, and are still very much in the “settling in” phase (we spent most of yesterday re-organising furniture and laying out possible art combinations on the floor!). We were lucky to find an unfurnished house (a tough ask in Dublin), and begged, borrowed and thrifted to cobble together some pieces to tide us over while we save up for furniture. FreecycleFree Trade, and Adverts all proved brilliant, as did the generosity of friends and family. We scored a gorgeous two-seater leather couch completely for free, this sweet Ikea plant stand for near half price, a coffee table and some lovely Spanish terracotta that’s going to come in handy on tapas nights.

New place (and new plants!) | nathalie.ie

New place (and new plants!) | nathalie.ie

So while we still figure out where things are going, I’m getting my nesting fix through plants. My old apartment, though brilliantly located at the end of Camden Street, received little to no natural light, so I still get giddy when I see the sun streaming in, or plants lasting for more than a week. Our back garden boasts a rosemary and thyme, the upstairs study (the sunniest spot in the house) currently houses basil and oregano, and we have mint, coriander as well as some hardy cacti and an aloe plant in the kitchen. I can’t wait to hit up a The Garden for some more indoor goodies – as you can see from my Pinterest board, I’ve got quite a few on my wish list.

But loving indoor plants doesn’t always mean I’m great at looking after them. I forgot all about this poor basil plant in the study, but, luckily, Ben was on hand to bring it back to life – and shoot a time-lapse of  it too. Yes, we are just that geeky.

12 March

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