Mondays by the Sea

Sandymount strand, Dublin |

Our bank holiday weekend involved lots of family time, which included having my five-year-old nephew Ethan over to our house for his first ever sleepover. We had waffles for breakfast, Ben taught him how to play Minecraft, we went to the park, then Sandymount strand for some splashing around, then had ice cream – and all before 1pm. Normally, Ben and I would feel pretty smug if we had managed to throw some brunch together by 1pm on a bank holiday Monday, but a small child sure mixes things up.

I loved seeing him splashing around barefoot on the strand though, giddy with the freedom to run in any direction he pleased.  You couldn’t help but want to join in.

Sandymount strand, Dublin |

Sandymount strand, Dublin |

Sandymount strand, Dublin |

Sandymount strand, Dublin |

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