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Go Your Own Way

To Thine Own Self Be True | Shakespeare


“The last of human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances—to choose one’s own way…. It is this spiritual freedom—which cannot be taken away—that makes life meaningful and purposeful.”

I’m reading Frank Kofman’s Conscious Business, as recommended by Sheryl Sandberg in Lean In. It includes such gems as the one above. Personal responsibility (or, as he says it in the book, response-ability) is a huge part of his teachings so far. There is something very comforting in knowing that, regardless of what happens, you can always choose how you respond to a challenge, and you can always respond with integrity, in a self-empowering way that honours your core values. As he says: “Response-ability is knowing that no matter how bad things appear, there is always a possibility to express your truth.”

It’s a fascinating, thought-provoking read and I couldn’t recommend it more. I’ll leave you with this last gem: “The only lasting safety that I have found is a total commitment to essential values such as respect, honesty, freedom, and love.”

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