What a week it’s been! You know this bit in Dumbo? That’s me right now. I’m working across not one, but two magazines at the moment – the new issue of Image Interiors & Living, and something completely different, that has very much taken me out of my comfort zone, but has been a fun learning experience all the same, one I’m really looking forward to sharing.
After the whirlwind that was last weekend – a wedding in the UK (it was my second time shooting a photographer’s wedding, and nope, it doesn’t get any less scary!) followed by the eating of all the things in London –  this week should have seemed relatively tame, but somehow didn’t.
Highlights included:
* Shopping in the Asian market and cooking up a delicious Meen curry after being inspired by a Pink Ginger cookery course (tons more on that in the next issue)
* Shooting a very pretty DIY story with Marlene.
 *Sub editing as if my life depended on it.
And now, some links:
Alex aka Hydarngea Girl has opened up a Society6 shop!
A new contest for drone photography.
“I was hidden in this guy’s hard drive for over 6 years” – very cool and spooky discovery.
This Paris-in-Dublin apartment, from a recent issue.
This planter. Scratch that, everything from The Sill.
Love this gorgeous map of Mexico, also available in tea towel format.
Above: One of the delicious cocktails being served up at The Cliff House Hotel, Ardmore.
Have a great weekend!

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