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A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to do something about my health, my energy, my fitness. I’m a terrible woman for taking too much on, and getting wrapped up in a project with little consideration to whether or not my brain and body can actually handle it. These words, written by the brilliant Elizabeth Gilbert, kind of sum it up:

I have far more enthusiasm in life than I have actual energy. In my excitement, I routinely take on more than I can physically or emotionally handle, which causes me to break down in quite predictable displays of dramatic exhaustion.

I wanted to find better ways of coping with that. Personally, I want to glow. I want energy, and to feel fit and strong, healthy and happy. Enter Liz, who runs Positive Fitness. She needed photos for the gorgeous site she’s working on, I needed someone to motivate, cajole and basically threaten me to change my habits and move a bit more.

We had a shoot a few months back (sneak peek above) and I officially started my sessions with her a few weeks ago, examining my diet and looking at ways to make it better, then getting stuck into some workouts – Liz is an incredible motivator, and just oozes positivity and energy. We’ve done a big shop, I’ve spent Sunday prepping veggies, planning morning juices and packing tasty, healthy lunches.

Thankfully, Ben and I love good food, so we already cook with decent, fresh, ingredients, which is half the battle. Of course, things have to be changed and substituted – brown carbs for white, dark chocolate for milk, and evening runs to Tesco for a Golden Crisp for, well, not doing that.

There’s no sugar coating how tough it can to change habits, but there’s also no arguing with how much better, and, well, cleaner we feel. Liz is working on a fab new site, packed with lots of info about her approach to health and fitness, so I’ll post that here when it’s live – and keep you updated on our progress!

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  • Good on ya! its not easy but you do definitely feel the benifits and thats what makes it become a new habit!

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