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Too Many Tabs

The weeks have been a blur. What am I saying? The months have been a blur. Editing a fourth magazine in as many months, while squeezing in photo editing and a girly trip to Lisbon at the weekends, it feels like I’m only now coming back up for air.

When I’m working on the mags, I pour everything into them. Seeing those little green ticks on the pages as they’re uploaded to the printers brings relief and release – it’s as if I was holding each of those pages in my head, and until they’re safely gone I couldn’t do anything else. But as soon as they are, I’m all, ‘what’s next?’

I hit Feedly and Zite hard, and go back to hunting out content for blog posts, planning shoots, pinning like crazy, reading photo editing tutorials and getting stuck into gear reviews. I go on a mega magazine binge, and start filling my Kindle up with new books. I love the randomness of it all. After weeks of meticulously planning everything, just floating freely though all the ideas out there is bliss (which, ironically, can also be very productive apparently).

Though the topic of over-stimulation is everywhere right now, and, while I do enjoy unplugging, I also  feel very lucky to live in a time where so much knowledge, inspiration and education is out there. And where you can easily look up 90s R&B songs to use as blog post headlines.

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