Date: January 2015

    Above: This quote made me LOL. Get it as a card on Etsy.   Speaking of chocolate – great tips on how to make real Mexican hot chocolate. Perfect for this chilly weather.   Jeff Bridges is on a mission to help you get more sleep.   Any one tried Zombies, Run?&

Love this photo series, combining an old photo with the current street scene. Above you’ve got Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris and below The Beatles on Rupert Court in London. Head here for lots more. 

Looking forward to giving this a go – an app that lets you snap 24 pics on your phone and see them for the first time when they’re delivered in print. No edits, no retakes. The White Album app is free to download, and an album of your 24 shots costs $20 (including worldwide shipping).&n

Above: This Instagram feed is giving me so much succulent envy. Date Night In. Lovely idea for a cookbook. Another great January playlist from Sarah. Inside the wardrobe of Frida Kahlo (via Ruth). Beautiful pictures of Florence. This gorgeous dustpan would definitely encourage me to clean up crumb


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