Recent Work: Clean + Comforting

Clean + Comforting: The Little Green Spoon's sundried tomato courgetti recipe in image Interiors & Living | nathalie .ie

When we dreamed up the food shoot for the January-February issue, here’s what we didn’t want: punishing, painfully healthy rabbity food. We wanted dishes that were clean, nourishing and comforting, but that food-lovers would look forward to getting stuck into. And, thanks to Lesley, Indy and Derval, that’s what we got.

Pick up the current issue for some mouth-watering recipes, including the one above, which I’ve made over and over: Indy’s sundried tomato and prawn courgetti and, below, Derval’s chocolate brownie, which features a very surprising ingredient.

Clean + Comforting: healthy choice brownie recipe in image Interiors & Living | nathalie .ie

 Food styling: Lesley Tumulty | Prop styling: Marlene Wessels | Photography: Nathalie Marquez Courtney

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