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Succulents from @tawwni's Instagram feed |

AboveThis Instagram feed is giving me so much succulent envy.

Date Night In. Lovely idea for a cookbook.

Another great January playlist from Sarah.

Inside the wardrobe of Frida Kahlo (via Ruth).

Beautiful pictures of Florence.

This gorgeous dustpan would definitely encourage me to clean up crumbs a bit more.

Great fitness campaign. #thisgirlcan

Below: Love this quote so much, I didn’t event mind that it was promo material for a movie (one I can’t wait to see btw).

It was the idea of NOT doing it that scared me
Have a lovely weekend! I’m hoping to check out the new brunch offerings at Dublin’s only taco truck, get in a windy Sandymount walk, check out the talent at Showcase and celebrate a friend’s birthday with afternoon tea at The Shelbourne. Fun times for January!


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