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A night on the town, January style | Super Miss Sue Pop Down Review

Super Miss Sue Pop Down |

Super Miss Sue Pop Down |

We weren’t meant to be going out. We were both completely exhausted, and had a clean, quiet Friday evening planned – cooking up some veggies from our first Absolutely Organic order (more on that soon), catching up on some reading, getting an early night. But after a cocktail with this lovely and talented lady, I met up with B and we were feeling mischievous. Well, cold and mischievous. 

So we chanced our arm at the Super Miss Sue Pop Down, nabbing two tables at the bar. The menu is a kind of greatest hits compilation, featuring dishes from 777, The Butcher Grill, and Dillingers. I loved the decor –  art deco lighting, rows and rows of glowing bottles of Campari behind the bar, lots of gold accents. 

Super Miss Sue Pop Down |

We both got 777’s tuna tostada to start – two crunchy corn tortilla discs, topped with tuna sashimi, pickled cucumber and drizzled with habanero mayo. Fresh, zingy, with just a little kick.

I kept it simple for my mains, and went with The Butcher Grill’s chargrilled Omaha sirloin, which did everything it said on the tin – nicely charred on the outside, juicy, tender and pink on the inside. Ben went with the special, whole seam bream, which he described as “charred and juicy.” Of course, I then told him he couldn’t say that because I had just described my steak as charred and juicy, but there you have it.  

The SMS Pop Down is a good date spot – dark, cosy and atmospheric, if a little cramped. The tables looked nice, but I actually loved sitting at the bar, taking in the beautiful bottles, people-watching the bundled up Dubs that walked by. 

Super Miss Sue Pop Down |

From there, we stumbled home, full and happy, where I promptly fell asleep on the couch. I think it was 11pm. The best of both worlds.

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