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Above: This quote made me LOL. Get it as a card on Etsy.
Speaking of chocolate ā€“ great tips on how to make real Mexican hot chocolate. Perfect for this chilly weather.
Jeff Bridges is on a mission to help you get more sleep.
Any one tried Zombies, Run? Fun work out idea. 
Love this gorgeous rainbow ombre nail tutorial ā€“ not sure Iā€™d have the patience for it though!
Sushi popcorn? Maybe not. But honey and mustard I could do. Some great hardcore popcorn recipe ideas here. 
Below: I’m loving all the photo hacks that are popping up on Pinterest. This one, by Jose Romussi, gets playful with contemporary embroidery. 
Jose Romussi
Have a great weekend!


  • Great links! I feel like popcorn concoctions are the next baked item craze. Cupcakes > Donuts > Kronuts > Popcorn.

    • Thanks Eavan šŸ™‚ And about time too that popcorn had it’s moment in the spotlight! Man, I love the stuff.

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