For the week that’s in it Part 1: Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park |

Maybe it’s because Valentine’s is just around the corner, maybe it’s because I’m a total sucker for a sweet love story, or maybe it’s because this is a really good book, but I totally fell, and fell hard, for Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. Sharp, tender and funny, it captures the beautiful, messy, all-consuming, chaotic, free-wheeling feeling of falling in love for the first time just beautifully. 

In his review, John Green (he of The Fault in Our Stars fame), said that Eleanor & Park reminded him “not just what it’s like to be young and in love with a girl, but also what it’s like to be young and in love with a book.”

In so many ways, they’re not that different – that feeling like you want to save your conversations so you can play them over and over again are so similar to reading, re-reading, highlighting and underlining passages that just really, truly get you like no one else ever has. 

Case in point: I looked over the notes I wrote right after finishing the book, and they were so toe-curlingly gushing that I cringed a little. Just like when I re-read swoon-y diaries from secondary school. 

Look out for more love-themed posts and recommendations over the next few days. You know, for the week that’s in it. 

Above: Lovely mashup up of the book’s cover art and a quote from it. Get it as a wallpaper on Novel Sounds.

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