Weekend round-up and a mini blog series

Weekend round up | nathalie.ie

How was your weekend? After two long, intense, but fun days criss-crossing Belfast city shooting for the next issue of Image Interiors & Living, I came home Friday and promptly collapsed on the couch.

As gorgeous and comfy as our hotel had been, it was so nice to wake up in my own bed Saturday morning, to potter around the house and check up on the plants I’ve been picking up from The Garden (I’m on a waiting list for a Burro’s Tail to add to my succulent collection, and it’s laughable how excited I am). 

Weekend round up | nathalie.ie

Saturday afternoon Yvonne and I had brunch in San Lorenzo‘s (deserved holders of the #brunchofchampions hashtag), followed by dinner with this wonderful, inspiring lady and her beau, which ended with some insanely good home-made cheesecake and a laugh-until-we-cried round of Cards Against Humanity

Love quotes desktop wallpaper downloads | nathalie.ie

I’m going to try something a little different, and, dare I say, perhaps a little cheesy on the blog this week. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’ll be posting something that tugs at my heart strings every day this week – above is a sneak peek of something coming up in a few days, but look out for Part 1 today. 

Have a great week!

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  • Sally Anne

    Sounds lovely!I love your photos all so gorgeous!We went to a new place yesterday,and I’m sure Image Interiors would love it too!It was Strandfield Bakery Cafe and Florist in Co.Louth seriously worth checking out!have some pics on Instagram @salpal40

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