Date: March 2015

He’s a tiny fireball of energy and mischief. He loves sitting on Ben’s shoulders, sneaking biscuits when nobody is looking, blowing things up in Minecraft and is in an adore/annoy relationship with his big brother. The middle kid, it’s been really wonderful to see him come into his

Man, those words up there from Sarah couldn’t feel more true. I feel like I know and value what’s important: looking after my health, family, friends, down time, dates, home-cooked meals, mellow, meditative mornings, early nights; thriving. And yet… I want to hit inbox zero at the

I’m very excited to share some pis of Sam, Ben’s sister Megan’s beautiful baby boy (and yes, that does mean he’s Uncle Ben now, ha!).  Just a couple of weeks old, he is adorably tiny, quiet, beautiful (above pic taken by his doting uncle). We’re all really enjoying

Above: Cute caravan print (via this cool gallery).   Loving the look of new online store Seven Wood.    There’s a pop-up on Dame Lane until the end of the week.    I’ve shared the beautiful work of Irish photographer Maggy Morrissey before, an

How was your weekend? Ours was fun, but busy. In truth, I’m still exhausted. It’s tough to admit that you’re drained and tired, even to yourself, especially when everything that’s making you drained and tired is something you love and enjoy; work, shooting, edi


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