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Link Love: Photographer’s edit

Links for photographers |
I sent some of these to a friend and photographer recently, and thought they would be worth expanding into a post for any fellow photographers out there! 

The A Photo Editor blog is full of great insights and industry info.
Fresh Books is the invoicing system I tried out when freelancing and liked. 
Ona are the peeps who make ridiculously gorgeous camera bags. Ben has the Brixton and my one is the Brooklyn.
Format – who I use for my online photography portfolio – have released a new iPad portfolio app called Kredo. It’s gorgeous and really nice to use, allowing you to import from Dropbox and your Format galleries. 
Great tutorial on using Lightroom + your iPad on shoots. 
The American West, as captured by Hawkeye Huey, the four-year old son of a National Geographic photographer. Love that he’s shooting on a Fuji Instax!
What spring looks like in Infrared (pic below). Stunning. 
 What spring looks like in infrared
Speaking of photographers, I’ve just signed up for Xanthe Berkeley’s Creating Time Capsules e-course, which I hope will help with my 2015 goal of shooting more video
Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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