Weekend round up + holiday planning

"I was captivated by the wonderful wrongness of it all" – David Nicholls travel quote | nathalie.ieHola, how was your weekend? I hope you enjoyed Saturday’s unseasonably warm weather as much as I did! It was amazing wandering around town with no coat or scarf. We popped into K Chido – who are now doing a very tasty brunch menu – with my sis and the kids before heading to the Asian market to stock up on spices and goodies as we were having friends over for dinner. Ben cooked up a delicious chicken Jalfrezi, which we served with oven-baked Pilau rice, and tons of fresh chopped chilli, coriander and flaked almonds. For dessert, I went with this super simple pineapple with mint sugar recipe from Jamie Oliver, which really refreshing and tasty. We finished things off with a round of Settlers of Catan, where I proved to be woefully bad at building an empire!

The next day, as I was sitting at my desk figuring out what I wanted to post about this week, I looked at my notes, drafts, and lists and realised that a common theme was popping up: holidays. So, each post this week will, in some way or another, be inspired by holidays. Are you planning any? I feel like there’s something in the air right now, everyone seems to be itching for a break away – or at least, the promise of a break away! 

The quote above from David Nicholls’ latest book, Us, sums ups so much of what I love about being on holidays – and has me seriously craving another one. There’s something about being completely jolted out of your comfort zone, about not just following your feet and having to switch off the auto pilot and look around a bit more that’s really intoxicating. 

Pic above from a last year’s long weekend in beautiful Lisbon.

PS Looking for another sweet holiday read? I loved Eleanor & Park.  

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