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When We Were Young

When We Were Young: Rincy

When We Were Young, a new series that looks at what bloggers were like in their childhood.

It’s time for another instalment of When We Were Young, a new series that looks at what bloggers were like in their childhood. This week we’re travelling back in time with the lovely Rincy from A Little Bird. In many ways, Rincy is like a real-life modern Disney princess: one of the most authentically sweet, kind-hearted, pure people you’re likely to meet. She’s also a tough cookie though, and a smart talented one at that – a doctor, blogger and photographer. Now there’s a triple threat. Click through to throw back Thursday with her. 

“My childhood was an array of Asian sensibilities and eccentricities,” explains Rincy. “Helpful, influential and without a doubt, unbelievably frustrating at times.”

What did you love doing? Being outside! Bike rides, hanging out near ‘the cheese’ (basically a climbing structure in our neighbourhood that was painted yellow), soccer, volleyball, classical indian dancing and playing piano (one things I truly miss doing). And of course, reading. I was (and still am) the biggest book worm.

Who was your hero? Not a hero per se, but my dance teacher Anjali could do no wrong in my eyes. She was the ultimate in cool. Beautiful, smart, funny, talented and knew all the fatality combinations in Mortal Kombat (the ultimate in coolness if you were into that sort of thing).

Favourite cartoon? Duck Tales, Batman and Sailor Moon.

Where did you hang out? We weren’t allowed to really go out that much outside of home but my cousins and I used to have great sleepover weekends.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A gymnast. A teacher. A writer. And at one stage, Tyra Banks (don’t ask).

Who was your best friend? I was and am still very shy to label someone ‘a best friend’ but I had a great group of girlfriends who I know even to this day, I could call up for anything without thinking twice about it.

What was your favourite thing to eat? My mom’s indian beef dish.

What was your favourite subject? English.

Favourite song or artist? Embarassingly or maybe not so embarrassingly, it was a hymn song called Come to the Water.

So, sorry Rincy, next time we meet I’m totally asking about the Tyra Banks thing! Thanks for sharing, and again, I’m bowled over by the parallels between our childhood selves and our adult lives. Come back next week for another instalment! 

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    March 19, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    Nathalie!! How sweet are you. I adore this series and in many ways, re-reading the answers is so telling of things to come. Thank you for asking me to be a part of it! x

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