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Weekend round up + celebrating Record Store Day

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Hope you had a lovely weekend! After a late, coffee-fuelled finish at work Friday evening, I took Saturday very, very easy. To celebrate Record Store Day, Ben and I popped into Tower Records, where I picked up a lovely 7″ limited edition vinyl of Palomino, Gemma Hayes’ new track and Ben nabbed a total classic, The Beatles’ Abbey Road.

Ever since B got me a gorgeous turntable for Christmas (the Philips OTT200 – it’s actually on sale in Tower Records, I just can’t find it on their site), I’ve been making a wish list of records I’d love to own. In the meantime, his parents have very kindly loaned us some of theirs, and it’s a seriously amazing collection, featuring tons of Cars, Joni Mitchell, Rolling Stones, Steve Miller band and Stevie Wonder among others. 

Record collections |

So far, we’ve bought records by recent faves The XX and Alt J. But I’d love to bring some old favourites back into my life. I adored my Alanis Moristte Jagged Little Pill cassette, my Lauryn Hill The Miseducation of CD, and I’d really like to have a tangible version of them to enjoy, instead of just having tracks floating in the cloud of a streaming service. I think there’s also something about listening to music on a record player that turns the listening itself into an experience, and not just something to have on in the background – you have to get up to turn it and to pick the next record, it’s very conscious and deliberate, which I’ve grown to love.

I’ll have a quick update later today on another weekend highlight, and a recipe later in the week for my new favourite breakfast.

Have a great week!


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