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It has been a week of extremes, as I’ve been travelling lots, for both work and play. Over the past 10 days or so, I got a taste of jet setter life – truth be told, I’m not sure how skilled I am at it, but it was fun all the same.

Glenveagh National Park, Donegal | nathalie.ieDonegal to Barcelona | nathalie.ieTickets restaurant, Barcelona |

Weekend roundup |

Tickets restaurant, Barcelona |

Tickets restaurant, Barcelona |

Weekend roundup |

It featured swapping the wild and windy landscapes of Donegal for a wonderful, whirlwind work trip to Barcelona with Estrella Damm, where I got to meet the intensely creative and inspiring food legend that is Ferran Adrià, often dubbed the world’s greatest chef, and spend an evening eating his incredible creations at his tapas restaurant, Tickets.

This sounds very glam and exciting and lots of it was; but it did involve 4am wake-up calls, tucking into spag bol leftovers at midnight after landing, squeezing in work emails at all hours, and trying to figure out whether to pack spare emergency socks or an extra camera battery into the last bit of space in my luggage.

It was so totally worth it though. Travel, even just short bursts of it, is so stimulating – it’s like the world goes into widescreen; seeing how other people live and go about their day just gets you thinking about things in a completely different way. I also got to spend my last few hours in Barcelona at Pixar. 25 Years of Animation, a really wonderful exhibition – it was so inspiring to see the nuts and bolts of how a place like that creates.

The whole thing was all rounded off nicely with a Star Wars-themed sleepover pizza party with my six-year-old nephew, Ethan, this weekend followed by a lot of chilling, sleeping, clothes-washing and food prepping.

On my travels, I took pics with every bit of picture-capturing equipment I had with me – iPhone, Fuji X100s, Canon 6D, and yes, on occassion, even my iPad, so I’m looking forward to sharing more pics and posts soon. Have a great week!

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