When we were young: Ajda

Thursday are for throwing back, so it’s time for another instalment of When We Were Young, a new series that looks at what bloggers were like in their childhood. This week it’s wonderful, talented, warm and lovely Ajda, who was living in Dublin but is now food styling it up in Amsterdam. Click through to find out about the adorable things she got up as a seven-year-old in Surrey.  

When We Were Young, a new series where bloggers talk about what they loved as kids

How old are you in these pictures?  7-8

Where did you live? Purley, Surrey, UK

 What did you love doing? My Uncle used to own a fish mongers at Surrey Street Market in Croydon. On Saturdays he would bring round some leftover seafood and fish from the day and on some occasions lobster.  My sister and I used to race them across the utility room floor before they got thrown in the pot for dinner! Seems cruel looking back on it now, but it provided much entertainment back then and makes for funny memories now I guess. Also we used to love playing schools. We used to line up our teddies and dolls and take a register like we were in class!

 Who was your hero? I wanted to have SheRa’s powers.

 Favourite cartoon? Care Bears was top but also used to watch the Poddington Peas, Sharkie and George, Rainbow Bright and Sylvanian Family.

Where did you hang out? Umm, at home, or at my Nene’s (nan’s) house with all my cousins.

 What did you want to be when you grew up? An opthalmologist/orthoptist. I was in and out of eye hospitals as a kid, I have worn glasses since I was 9 months old and even had a patch  like a pirate for a few years. I used to love the toys the orthoptist had in their office.

 What was your favourite thing to eat? Kofte – my mum’s meatballs with cacik (tzatziki) and my nene’s cheese on toast.

What was your favourite subject? Reading, although I am terrible at it now, I shamefully never finish a book!

Thank you so much Ajda! Click here to see other adorable entries from some of my favourite blog peeps.

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