Weekend round up + a new look

Hola! How was your weekend? Did the completely confused weather hit you too? 

My Saturday was spent working, and – drumroll, please – updating the design of the blog.

My amateur coding tweaks had meant that the site wasn’t exactly coming top of the class when it came to passing Google’s mobile-friendly test, and there had been a few niggly things bugging me for months. The tweaked look keeps the regular posts pretty much the same (and if you’re reading this through a feed reader fingers crossed you haven’t noticed anything different!) but makes archived posts easier to look through, features a slightly more monochromatic design, bigger pics and, of course, it’s responsive so (hopefully) works across mobile devices and tablets quite nicely. 

I’m not going to lie, at some point mid-afternoon Saturday, between installing plugins, tweaking widgets, the internet going down and my MacBook Pro having to be completely wiped and rebooted (thank Jeebus I had invested in an AirPort Time Capsule, so everything was backed up), I did have to go take what Ben affectionately  calls a ‘stress nap’, where my systems basically shut down and nothing but sleep will help. 

Pancakes at Herb Street, Grand Canal Dock | nathalie.ie

So it was nice that Sunday came along with some much needed stopping and smelling of the roses. It started with an early brunch with friends in Herb Street – a great spot if you’re looking for something around Grand Canal Dock (be warned, it gets hella busy). And don’t those pancakes look amazing? I went for the tasty but not quite as cute looking eggs benedict.
Yes for Marriage Equality rally 10 May Merrion Square | nathalie.ie

Yes for Marriage Equality rally 10 May Merrion Square | nathalie.ie

After that, a few of us strolled into the marriage equality rally on Merrion Sq – I was only there for a short time, but there were some really moving speakers, and it was amazing to see all the support and proudly hold up one of hundreds of ‘equal’ signs. It was especially heartening to hear Laura Harmon, President of the Union of Students in Ireland, talk about how many students they had helped get registered – thousands of new voters who are now looking forward to voting yes on May 22nd

Then, it was on to a celebratory birthday bite in San Lorenzos for my friend Yvonne and, finally, home for some shoot processing. So yes, kind of exhausted even typing that, but it was all fun.

I’ll be blogging from north Spain for the next few days; I fly out tomorrow to work on a piece for CARA, and then, come Saturday, Ben and I go into holiday mode and will spend three days eating all the pintxos we can get our hands on in San Sebastián. 

Have a great week!


  • I did that Google mobile-friendly test. And failed miserably. Although that’s something I kind of knew and have been blissfully ignoring. I guess I can kiss the next 4 hours goodbye 😉

    p.s. I hope you share details / I’m able to creep on your San Sebastian holiday! I was just recommended it as a great destination by a friend and Robert and I are hoping to head over soon. So jealous! You deserve all of the chillaxing 🙂 xx

    • nathalie

      I *thought* my old theme was mobile-friendly, but turns out my tweaks had broken it, ha! It was the perfect excuse to go hunting for a theme and anyway, who doesn’t want to tear their hair out on a Saturday afternoon? 😉
      You would no doubt love San Sebastian! I was there twice in one year a couple of years ago cos I loved it so much and I’ve been dying for Ben to experience it. The FOOD. It’s something else. I’ll report back with lots of pics and a very full belly 🙂

      • Woop! Looking forward to it! I guess we’re kinda going to *have* to go now 😉

        p.s. LOVE your new blog layout! I had seen it via my mobile and noticed the difference, and would you believe, it’s mobile friendly. Well swish.

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