5 Stylish Tech Buys on my Lust List

In my circle of friends, I’m most definitely known as the nerdy one. This goes way, way back. Back to calculator rulers, Gameboys, mp3 watches, and teeny tiny phones. May always reminds me of my love of tech – in college, it’s around this time I’d use my saved waitressing tips to upgrade to a new phone, to better procrastinate during study time. So yes, my nerdiness runs deep, and, in recent months, has expanded to include all manner of gorgeous accessories. 

Here’s what’s topping my wish list…


Stylish tech accessories | nathalie.ie1. The Pfeiffer Collection by Evernote, $119
I imagine getting this would lead to a desk that’s always neat and tidy, right? Look how adorably snugly the phone slots into the cup (and has the added benefit of not straining a charging cable). I’m a big Evernote fan girl, I basically run my life off it, so it’s no surprise I like the look of their physical products. Shipping to Ireland is pricey, but I’m going to the US at the end of the month so may just get myself an early birthday present…

Stylish tech accessories | nathalie.ie2. Green Leaves iPhone case from Casetify, €37
The weather may be far from tropical, but at least this case is. Plus, free international shipping is always a win. I love the design of my iPhone, so I have a slightly backward phone protection policy – I keep it coverless, until it gets too battered and then I pop a case on it. Foolish, I know. 

Stylish tech accessories | nathalie.ie

3. The Mod Tablet 2 by This is Ground, $300
Another tech-loving piece that makes me feel like I’d lead a tidier, more organised life (the Shooter Insert is pretty cool too). Also, this would allow me to use those lovely impractical tote bags that don’t have a gazillion inner pockets in them. I already have This is Ground’s ridiculously cute Cord Tacos, and got Ben the Cordito as a present a while back.
Stylish tech accessories | nathalie.ie
4. Infinite USB, $89
One of those clever, why-didn’t-someone-think-of-this-sooner products – a USB plug that you can plug things into (including FireWire and Lightning Bolt cables). Would instantly clean up my desk area. Simple, practical, smart. 

Stylish tech accessories | nathalie.ie

5. Empty Memory USB key by Beyond Object, £60
Yes, it’s a lot of money to pay for just 8GB of memory, and yes 8GB isn’t even really a lot these days. But I kind of love their approach of merging art with functionality. It would be a great present for someone who has never lost a USB key, ever (e.g. probably not me). 

And that’s it! I’d really like to share more beautiful nerdy, techy things in future posts, so I’d love to hear if you enjoyed this round up.

P.S. You can also read more stylish tech finds every month in my Tech Style page for IMAGE Magazine.

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