Yes to Love

It’s a really important week here in Ireland, as we vote on something that shouldn’t really require a vote – equality for all our citizens. 

There has been so much incredible writing in recent days – this piece by Una, and this piece, about how marriage has changed and changed again, each time for the better, were particular highlights. 

I’m also super proud to have worked on this Love is Love piece for Bash Magazine, where we photographed four Irish gay couples who talked about how they met and fell in love, and what the upcoming referendum meant them (pic above of Etain and Michelle – you can read interviews with all of them over on

For the week that in it though, I thought I would share Barry’s Bespoke Bakery, a delicious and apt short film that Ben, my wonderful partner in crime, produced. If you have nine minutes, it’s well worth a watch. 

While there is so much good will out there, talking to friends who’ve been canvassing it’s become clear that a yes vote is in no way a done deal. So please, if you believe that everyone deserves the right to love whom they chose, make sure to vote tomorrow!


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