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32 Years Ago (a Birthday Post of Sorts)

I celebrated my birthday this month. Just a few days beforehand, my mum received this incredible video of her, my father and uncles performing in their flying trapeze act. The year? 1983. She flew through the air with – as you can see around the one minute mark – a great deal of ease, when the reality must have been far from it, because I  was just a few months old when the video was shot.

I think I might stick this on loop every time I grumble about being tired in the morning. I know she’s my  mum, so I feel like this anyway, but this really is so inspiring to watch. 

PS You can read more about how awesome it was to grow up in a circus in this post

PPS Birthday celebrations were great! Dinner with friends at the wonderful Tapas de Lola, and a family picnic in the park the following day. Plus lots of goodies from April and the Bear‘s new pop up. I’m a lucky gal.

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