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Oh my, July

It’s always a little mad come summer. I sprint around during April and May and then in June realise that wait, this is a marathon. Come July I’m ready for a very long nap. It’s like some part of me is still in college mode, used to the frantic pre-exam busyness – forgetting that these days there are no three-month long holidays that follow. 

Oh my, July |

My friend Yvonne and I used to joke that some days are montage days – they pass in a blur, and, in the movie version of your life, would be set to an inspiring 80s soundtrack as you just fly though them, getting shiz done, letting one blend into the other. Anyone else been having montage days? I’m looking forward to putting the brakes on a bit come mid-August.

Of course, there have been plenty of fun times. Some highlights from the past few weeks have included visiting the UK to see my good friend Steve marry the wonderful Sophie, a day spent wandering Cambridge, complete with a cinema trip to see Love & Mercy (so moving and brilliant, I couldn’t recommend it more), dinner with my besties (in the ever tasty Kinara), and some gorgeous shoots that I’m looking forward to sharing.

Pic montage, from top: A pretty Cambridge window; insanely good bircher muesli at Industry’s new cafe; my tech page in the new issue of Image; lovely limited edition notebooks by Duffy Bookbinders for Create at Brown Thomas; delicious roast Atlantic hake with quinoa and Asian greens at Balfes; Ben rocking the dickie bow at Steve and Sophie’s wedding.  

Top pic: Ben’s view of me when we’re traveling – I swear I come up for air sometimes. He took this on our stroll around Cambridge.

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