Date: August 2015

Spotted a version of this on my friend El’s Insta feed and it brought a smile. I’m headed to beautiful Ballymaloe for a few days of eating, chilling, snapping, napping and as little screen time as possible (although that place is so Instagram-friendly, I know it will be hard to resi

We got caught in the rain. A lot. But in between the showers, Ben and I strolled the pretty streets of Cambridge, managed to find some tacos and had ourselves a lovely afternoon. I though it was apt to post these pics after the rainy Sunday we just had – click through for some p

So you may have noticed that I, like the rest of Pinterest, have become mildy obsessed with Bircher Muesli, summer’s take on porridge. After much testing and searching, I’ve come up with a favourite recipe, packed with goodness and quick and easy to assemble in the morning. 


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