4 Great Places for Stylish Phone Cases

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6 Plus, so had to refresh my line up of cases and have been trying and testing quite a few. Click through for some of my faves!

For Design: Casetify

4 Great Places for Stylish iPhone Cases | nathalie.ie

Casetify started out as a place to create custom cases using your own Instagram pics, but has become much more. There are tons of great designs to choose from, but my favourite way to shop is by browsing their shoppable Instagram feed (this is the future of shopping, at least for me). I recently featured these guys in my monthly tech page for Image Magazine, and am still coveting the case we ran – the Motels Botanical Navy, pictured above – but am pretty happy with the one I have, a clean, minimalist  White Marble, pictured below. I went for a white and silver Metaluxe case. After using Otterbox (see below) the build quality seemed a little light and on the flimsy side when I took it out of its packaging, but it feels and looks great now that it’s on the phone and has the added benefit of not bulking the (already ginormous) 6 Plus up too much.
From around €35, with free international shipping. Pic above from their Instagram account, pic below by me.

4 Great Places for Stylish iPhone Cases | nathalie.ie

For variety: Society 6

4 Great Places for Stylish iPhone Cases | nathalie.ie

If you want something that no one else will have, head to Society 6. There is such a huge range of designs, the chances of finding someone with the same case as you are pretty slim. I only ever had one of their cases on my 5S, but I found the really slimline and well-made. I like the look of this Cactus Cactus one, above, by Dapper Fox.
Around €39.50, including shipping to Ireland. Pic from their Instagram account

For battery life: Mophie

4 Great Places for Stylish iPhone Cases | nathalie.ie

I was devo that I couldn’t get my 6 Plus in gold (#firstworldproblems, I know), so, for my birthday, Ben got me a gold Mophie Juice Pack. I tend to really burn through my battery (although have found the 6 Plus miles better than the 5S) and this has 60% additional juice built in, which comes in super handy. One cable charges the phone, the case and works a sync cord too.
€109.95, with free shipping. Pic above from their Instagram account.

For protection: Otterbox

4 Great Places for Stylish iPhone Cases | nathalie.ie

There are certain awesome ladies in my life, who shall remain nameless, who need construction site protection for their smart phones. That’s where Otterbox comes in. I recently tried out the Commuter Series case. The build quality is great, with a protection cover for the charging port to fend off dust, dirt and splashes. The MySymmetry Series, pictured above, comes with swappable design inserts too.  Overall, this case felt the most sturdy and well-made out of all the ones I tried. However, my 6 Plus is already a bit of a giant, so although it was totally klutz-proof, I found it a little too bulky for everyday use. I’ll definitely use it for festivals or outdoor shoots though.
€39.99, with free shipping at the moment. Pic from their Instagram account

My Favourite Places for Stylish iPhone Cases | nathalie.ie

Above, my three cases (not pictured: Society 6, as the only case of theirs I have is for my old 5S), just so you can get a sense of their size relative to each other. I’d love to hear if you have any favourite places for phone cases!

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