Happy Birthday Ben

You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

I’ll never forget our first big holiday, road-tripping around California. I couldn’t believe that someone wanted to stop and take as many pictures as I did, or was as giddy about finding another incredible taco joint as I was. 

As we roamed the hilly San Francisco streets, I was excited to get some great city shots, but not so excited to climb yet another steep road. I moaned about my legs aching, about my gear being too heavy. You threw my gear over your shoulder, stood behind me and put your hand on the small of my back, gently pushing me up the hill.

We laughed until we almost cried at the time, but I couln’t think of a better metaphor for the role you play in my life. Always pushing me forward, always there with tea, smiles, support. Never have I felt more understood, more content, more happy, more me.

Thank you for sharing the last few years with me. I couldn’t be prouder to get to spend another birthday with you. As your birthday card says, I really do love you more than tacos 😉

Happy birthday, Ben | nathalie.ie


  • How am I just seeing this now? Tears, lady. Tears.

    I adore the two of you together. GET IN FRONT OF MY CAMERA ALREADY.

    • I SUPER want to. I do. But I’m a total scaredy cat! Let’s talk lovely lady 🙂

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