When the bells ring out in the dusk

A friend recently gifted Ben a copy of Belle and Sebastian’s The Life Pursuit on vinyl. With it, he included this lovely hand-written note, featuring a line from the song Another Sunny Day:

For those Sunday evenings when the bells ring out in the dusk. 

Isn’t that such a beautiful line? Yesterday I had my first truly autumnal Sunday of the year. A lovely gang of peeps gathered in Taco Taco to toast the birthday boy. It bucketed down rain as we left, so it was a case of quickly picking up the makings of a roast chicken dinner and returning home to light a fire, listen to our new records, and drink a lot tea. 

As fun and exciting as exploring new places can be, sometimes nothing beats being home.

Top pic: One of my last shots of our last French Riviera sunset.

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