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5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

How was your bank holiday weekend? Mine was so restful, exactly what I needed. I enjoyed some of my favourite things, click though if you’d like to see.

1. Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, Big Magic.
It’s filled with encouraging, heartening and no-BS advice on living creatively. I especially love this quote in it, by the poet Jack Gilbert (no relation):

“We must risk delight,” he wrote. “We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.

Other desk loves: Catbird kitten ring dish, a souvenir from my Brooklyn trip; Chupi bracelet; notebook from Article, pens from Muji

Lead mines walk, Dublin |

Lead mines walk, Dublin |

Lead mines walk, Dublin |

Lead mines walk, Dublin |

2. Micro day trips with Ben in the new car
We didn’t go far, and it didn’t take long, but our Lead Mines walk led to some gorgeous views and got us excited about the trips ahead.
Top pic taken with the Fuji x100s, the rest snapped on my iPhone. 
Clarks Hamble Oak black patent leather shoes |
3. Shiny shoes.

My mum is always pleased to hear when I go to Clarks and get “proper” shoes. Bonus: The shiny black patent leather means you’re not worried about them being ruined in the rain. 

Cherry tomatoes |
4. Cherry tomatoes in everything.
(and this baked egg and roasted tomato recipe in particular.)

Storm troopers dancing to Single Ladies

5. This video
(we’ve booked our midnight screening tickets).

Have a great week!

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