Unique Jewellery Designed and Made in Dublin

I just love the new collection by Irish Design Shop gals Clare Grennan and Laura Caffrey. Names is is a range of beautifully designed, simple statement pieces.

Names by Irish Design Shop | nathalie.ie
Names by Irish Design Shop | nathalie.ie

 As the brains behind one of the loveliest shops in town (which has been championing Irish craft since 2008), the girls know the importance of storytelling, and how wonderful it is to buy something with that comes with its own unique personality. “As this is a very personal project, a labour of love, every piece in the collection is named after a woman in each of Clare and Laura’s families, from mothers to great grandmothers,” they explain. 

Names by Irish Design Shop | nathalie.ie

So, the beautiful Liz necklace, above, comes with this story:

Liz got her first job doing the books for a weighing scales company on Abbey Street in the late 1960’s.
She was paid 6 pounds a week and had to give 3 to her mother for the housekeeping.
Liz is Laura’s mother.

How cool is that? Prices start from €58, head to Irish Design Shop to buy.

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