Date: November 2015

That pic up there, that’s me right now. Every day is a roller coaster of learning, of thinking I totally get something, of realising there are a gazillion more things to learn. But I’m loving it.  Change is a living, breathing, shifting thing. And the impact of it comes in wave

Emotional, tipsy goodbyes. A long, rainy, podcast-filled drive to Kerry. A cosy afternoon tea as dusk closes in and a fire crackles. Big picture chats over dinner, filled with angsty concerns (me) and reassuring murmurs (him). Falling asleep to the sound of the falls. Fluffy robe

*big breath* I have some pretty exciting personal news to share. If you’ve bumped into me at any stage over the past few weeks, you probably already know. Tomorrow is my last day as editor of Image Interiors & Living. In a week, I start a new job with the brilliant peeps at This is [&helli


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