Rainbows Up Ahead

Emotional, tipsy goodbyes. A long, rainy, podcast-filled drive to Kerry. A cosy afternoon tea as dusk closes in and a fire crackles. Big picture chats over dinner, filled with angsty concerns (me) and reassuring murmurs (him). Falling asleep to the sound of the falls. Fluffy robes and breakfast with a view. A long, rainy drive back to Dublin, interrupted by the appearance of a persistent rainbow, straight up ahead. 


Sheen Falls Lodge, Kerry | nathalie.ie

Sheen Falls Lodge, Kerry | nathalie.ieSheen Falls Lodge, Kerry | nathalie.ie

Sheen Falls Lodge, Kerry | nathalie.ie

Rainbow on the road from Kenmore, Co Kerry | nathalie.ie

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and messages across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. It was very humbling to feel so many good vibes and well wishes coming my way.

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