Hands Up

That pic up there, that’s me right now. Every day is a roller coaster of learning, of thinking I totally get something, of realising there are a gazillion more things to learn. But I’m loving it. 

Change is a living, breathing, shifting thing. And the impact of it comes in waves – not just the huge ones, like handing in your notice or planning your first day outfit and route. But in teeny, tiny ones – changing my ‘Work’ address in Hailo and Google Maps. Updating my details across all my social places

Getting out of your comfort zone is just as scary as you think it’s going to be. It shakes the very root of you, shifts your perspective on so many things. But, slowly but surely, you see how transferable your skills are. Slowly but surely, the dots start connecting – and the roller coaster starts cranking for another ascent. 

Pic above by David Milan, a lettering and calligraphy artist from Mexico.

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