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Meet Macklin

A few months ago, two cute little kittens turned up in our back garden. We nicknamed them Burt and Macklin (after this guy – shout out to all Parks & Rec fans) and I took these pics back then in an attempt to help find them a home.

Kittens! |

Kittens! |

Kittens! |

Burt is the one with the slightly-too-big blue collar. We had to put it on him because he was super shy and timid and kept hiding places so the bell helped us find him. We were so relieved to find him a home (and later it turned out he was actually a girl – oops!). Once (s)he was homed, we proceeded to fall promptly in love with Macklin, below. 

Our new cat!

 I’ve always been a dog person (I didn’t think my self esteem was cut out for the constant rejection of a cat), but man if this wasn’t the purriest, most affectionate cat you’ve ever met.

Kittens! | nathalie.ieSo we’ve decided to keep him! I’ll try my best to not turn this into a pictures-of-my-cat blog. But I can’t make any promises, sorry.

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