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A Very Mindful Christmas

“The magic of mindfulness is not somehow converting ourselves into a perfect saintly being; it is simply being honest with what is happening and being interested in making it better.”

It can get hectic up in here at this time of year. The things I plan on doing slowly and with intention – writing heart-felt cards, planning cosy dinners, wrapping gifts – end up getting rushed and swept up in all the madness.

So it was wonderful to come across Rohan Gunatillake’s new e-book short, A Very Mindful Christmas. Rohan is the guy behind Buddhify, one of my favourite apps for mindfulness and his book had lots of wonderful, practical tips on how to have a holiday season that’s “calm, balanced and full of joy.”

His advice is full of optimism and positivity (take this on handling queue rage: “Try remembering your original intention and the kindness you are expressing to the person you are buying for”), but also funny, grounded and real (“… Or you can just do all your shopping online.”). 

A super quick (and super cheap!) read. Get it here.

Pic: One of my favourite Christmas decorations, a little paper house by Irish design studio Snow

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