The Fall Won’t Kill You: Great Posts About Career Change

You’ll risk screwing up, sure. You’ll risk ruining it all – the skills you’ve acquired, the small notoriety you’ve been given, the general comforts of knowing what the heck you’re doing, of feeling comfortable, of feeling good, of feeling right.

The past eight months have brought a lot of change into my life – from scary-awesome things like getting engaged and getting tattooed for the first time (post on that soon), to scary-scary stuff, like leaving a wonderful job in a career I had spent decade building to try something completely new, and then leaving that new job six months later. Notes on Career Change |

As always in times like these, the internet is filled with encouraging, positive gems, balms to soothe those painful, what-the-hell-have-I-done moments, so I thought I would share some that have really resonated with me. 

Top quote: A big YES to everything in this post from Erin on how to redefine yourself

Oh Joy is doing a series of post on changing careers in your 30s.

I welled up when I first read Elizabeth Gilbert’s post, Not thisI think everyone has had a moment like this, whether it’s in work, in love or in life.

This quote

Long, but brilliant post:  The Secret to Being Happy with Your Job (Spoiler alert: It’s not “follow your passion”)

How to Find Fulfilling Work is a smart, not too self-help-y look at the very modern concept of finding work that provides “a deep sense of purpose, and reflects our values, passions and personality”. I’ve read and re-read this book lots of times and always come away with something new. There’s also a great piece on Brain Pickings if you don’t fancy reading the whole thing. 

Not ready to make a leap? Elevate yourself with side projects. As someone who started photography as a hobby, I can’t vouch for having a bit of side hustle enough.

Notes on Career Change |

Pics: I serendipitously found these shots while writing this post and something about the fogginess and the angles seemed oddly fitting. Taken almost exactly a year ago in New York. 

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