Off The Grid San Francisco

While San Francisco can’t come close to the dizzy array of food trucks that its Californian cousin LA offers, come Friday night there are plenty of tasty eats on four wheels at Off The Grid, a weekly outdoor food market on the grounds of the Fort Mason Center. Ben and I visited in March as part of my foodie photo trip there for CARA Magazine, and it was one of the highlights of our visit.

Off The Grid, San Francisco |

Click through for some more snaps (though if you’re hungry, maybe bookmark the page and come back later…)

Off The Grid, San Francisco |

Part of a collective that operates more than 50 weekly markets throughout the Bay Area, the Fort Mason outpost has a definite party vibe, complete with live music or a DJ, tasty craft cocktails and string lights that twinkle as the sun sets and you tuck in. The pork buns at The Chairman (pictured above) are worth standing in line for, but it’s always worth a quick Google before you visit, as new stalls and trucks pop up all the time. They range from the gourmet to the gooey and greasy (like those epic taco fries, pictured top) and some of the more popular food trucks (looking at you Johnny Doughnuts) have 20+ minute queues all night long.

Off The Grid, San Francisco |

Off The Grid, San Francisco |

Ben fell in love with this Poke bowl. He still dreams about it, he says. (We should totally learn how to make one.)

Off The Grid, San Francisco |

It’s definitely worth making a beeline for if you find yourself hungry and in SF of a Friday night. You can read my full San Francisco piece in the  June 2016 issue CARA. More foodie highlights coming soon!

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