Joining The Intercom Team

New Muji pens have been bought. A walking route has been mapped out. There’s a fresh Moleskine ready to go. Today, I join the Intercom team, and typing that alone makes me grin with excitement. 

Intercom is a company I have long admired. When a role on their content team came up, I texted a friend of mine, lamenting the bad timing as I was just months into my current job. “But Intercom is the dream, isn’t is?” she replied. That said it all, really.

I’ve watched and admired the company from afar, as they grew and grew, hiring their heroes and building an incredible team as they went.

When I made the switch into the tech scene a little under a year ago, the Intercom blog (and newsletter and podcast) was a lifeboat that I jumped on. I read and re-read blog posts, not just for practical advice and best practice tips, but to be inspired by the enthusiasm and drive of so many smart people doing interesting things with technology.

To be joining John, Geoffrey and Adam on the content team today is a thrill and honour, and I couldn’t be more excited. Wish me luck! 

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