Life Unstyled

There are areas that I don’t love. Walls that need painting. Orange floor tiles that need covering. Scuffed door frames and worn carpets. Things that I, as someone who gets to photograph expertly styled homes, know don’t shoot well. Dark corners and odd light casts. 

Life Unstyled |

Life Unstyled |

It’s lived in, rough around the edges. And yet. It makes me so happy. Curled up on the couch, cat by my side, the Sunday papers fanned out around me, cup of tea in hand.

Life Unstyled |

Life Unstyled |

Life Unstyled |

I love being surrounded by our favourite things. Dipping into the box of polaroids – Ben’s birthday, New Year’s Eve, sleepovers with Ethan, Isabel’s first birthday party. All in this house. As a renter, you try not to get too attached, but happy memories make that impossible.

I always mean to photograph my own home, but it’s never quite tidy enough, never quite camera ready. But I came home from a shoot a few weeks ago, and the combination of the light and the cosy contentedness that you get from walking into a warm house on a crisp, cold day took over and I couldn’t help firing off a few frames.

It helped that the cat was looking pretty photogenic too. Life Unstyled |


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