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My first post of the year is about slowing down, and comes 13 days into January. The irony isn’t lost on me 😉Hustle before heart | nathalie.ie
I’d love to say I’m refreshed, that my intentions are set, that my word is ready. But it wouldn’t be true. 2016 knocked the wind out of my sails and it feels like it took the earth finishing its trip around the sun for me to take a breath and absorb it all. 

2016 was tough for so many, and I had it luckier than most.

I got to spend it learning and transforming and exploring a whole new industry and career. And at every turn, I felt all I could say was that things were busy. I’m the first to admit that I bought into the hustle.

I changed jobs three times in one year, which included going for a dream gig, and getting it. Deputy edited a magazine that got circulated with our national paper. Won a blog award. Photographed the cover of CARA. Traveled to Gaza on a photo project. Did food shoots, interiors shoots, people shoots, commercial shoots, editorial shoots. 
I’m immensely proud of this work and grateful to the people who gave me the opportunities to do it. But it blinded me to the things I didn’t do while chasing it.
I didn’t sleep enough, move enough, take in fresh air enough.
I didn’t spend enough time with my friends or my family.
I didn’t spend enough time blogging, something that keeps me anchored and makes me happy.
I didn’t laugh enough, spend enough time just being, creating for the sake of it. Reading for the fun of it.

I chased and chased and ended the year dizzy.

Hustle before heart | nathalie.ie



So for 2017 there are, as yet, no goals or resolutions. It’s silly to pretend it’ll all simply change – as a natural dreamer, planner and schemer, I can’t help it. But I want to sit with things a little longer, let the last few months soak in and take a deep breath before diving back in (perhaps after reading Erin’s new book). 

So if you too are feeling more frazzled than fresh, you’re not alone. 

Pics above from a New Year’s Day stomp through some beautiful Wicklow woods with friends. Start as you mean to continue, eh?

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