Where I work: The Tara Building

I’m excited to share a tour of my new workspace, The Tara Building. If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you’ll have seen pics of this gorgeous, colourful space. 

Based on Tara Street, just across the road from The Irish Times offices, The Tara Building is completely covered in a multi-coloured mural created by Maser. It opened up a few months ago, and coincided nicely with my starting freelance life. I jumped on a hot desk membership spot, and I’m so glad I did. Even though I love my desk set up at home – which is where I still do the bulk of my photo processing and any interviews – it’s great having a base in town, somewhere to come and put the head down, to have meetings, and to get up and go to. 

Ready for a photo tour?

The ground floor houses reception, managed by the awesome Anna, above, a bright, airy meeting room and an open gallery space that’s just finished hosting Clear of People, a photo exhibition part of the Photo Ireland Festival and before that housed a great exhibition in collaboration with Iverna.

The second floor is the co-working floor, where I spend most of my days. There are different types of desks (including cool foldout ones), little booths at the end for calls, lockers (so handy – no need to drag laptop chargers, water bottles etc in and out), and a lovely meeting room. Those awesome tent illustrations are by Fiona.

I really enjoy the morning ritual of coming in and setting up my desk for the day.

The next floor up houses the kitchen area, with a great coffee machine (though I nip out to Shoe Lane at least once a day), and serviced office, studios, and Apollo Print. There’s also a roof garden in the works. 

It’s great to see something like this up and running in Dublin, and I’ve so much admiration for all the people running it, constantly working to tweak and improve what’s already a great space. 

One of the nicest bonuses of working at The Tara Building has been the great people I’ve gotten to meet. Seeing so many peeps, from so many different backgrounds, heads down, working away is infinitely motivating, and being able to have bants in the kitchen over a cup of coffee, chat in the Facebook group or on Slack, or hang out and do yoga after work has been really lovely.

Safe to say I’m very happy out here! (Thanks to Ben for taking the portrait.)

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