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“Use this platform as a catalyst to create a more beautiful, inspiring life”

The above words are at the top of a list I have called ‘Blog’ that I fill with blog post ideas. Ideas that, for the last few months, have been left untouched. The advice, which was no doubt jotted down at a talk or while listening to a podcast some years ago, seems almost quaint now, as the blogging and social media landscapes have changed so much since it was first written.

Though I find that Instagram stories increasingly scratches the itch that blogging once did, I miss this blog. The things I like about platforms like Stories and Snapchat – the transient, more candid, less polished nature of things – can also be drawbacks. I don’t sit and process events, documenting life’s highlights and lowlights here to look back on later (one of my favourite things to do with the blog, seeing as I’ve been blogging here since 2009). 

As a kid, I loved looking through my mum’s thick photo albums, poring over her adventures around the world and enjoying getting a glimpse into the life she led before my sis and I came along. It’s how I’ve viewed the blog in a way – a digital collection of what life has been like, what I’m loving, what I’m learning. 

From top left: Desk with a (serious) view as I file copy from Andalucia; the gorgeous new roof garden at Tara Building; Ben in Ticknock Woods; shooting on location in Arran Street East; coffee and scheming with Marta in Cake Cafe; love how my workspace brightens up Tara Street; blowing out birthday candles in Kerala; dancing beneath confetti canons at Sing Along Social; Pokemon themed afternoon out with Ethan, celebrating his birthday.

So, in the spirit of documenting, as much for myself as anyone else, here’s what’s been happening:

  • Freelance life has been good, albeit a bit hectic as I get used to the ebb and flow of deadlines and pitches. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to pitch stories that let me meet, work with or photograph people I deeply admire and am curious about (Ann O’Dea, Kathryn Davey and Imen McDonnell are just some recent highlights). 
  • I spoke on the Wonderlust stage at Body & Soul about slowness at work, procrastination and The Imposter Project, a new creative venture I’m kicking off with some very talented gals. Huge thank you to Aoife McElwain for asking me along, and for helping me get over my own imposter syndrome.
  • I recently returned from 4 wonderful days in Andalucia, shooting at a horse-riding retreat with Cara Magazine editor Lucy. Photographing horses at sunrise, afternoon naps by the pool, shooting delicious plates of tapas as the sun went down – it was a dream gig. 
  • I also recently turned 34 in June (aka my scary age). I celebrated first with family, blowing out candles on a tray of donuts (which the kids very much enjoyed), then with dinner in Kerala with a few friends followed by drinks by the canal, as it was one of those gloriously warm and long summer evenings (followed by a painful 4am wake up call for my flight to Spain 😂)
  • My nephews and nieces are all summer babies, so we’ve been busy celebrating their birthdays. Ethan turned nine – nine – yesterday and I can’t get over it. 

Ideas I’m exploring:

  • Designing your life. This interview between Tim Ferriss and Debbie Millman was inspiring and left me curious about not just people’s creative process, but how they approach their life as a whole. I’m particularly interested in the 10 year plan writing exercise
  • Marriage. Not weddings and cute DIY ceremony backdrops, but the marriage itself. Post coming up on that soon. 
  • Where to next with photography? I’m shooting a lot right now, and with that comes figuring out how to push myself, how to improve, where to learn more, and yes, lots of nerdy gear lust. 
  • Moving away – even more so than I have already – from the idea of just one career and thinking more openly about having a few

Things on my wishlist:

I hope you’re having a great summer!








  • Loved that interview with Debbie Millman and such an interesting exercise, the 10 year plan. Write like your life depends on it, because it does… Loved it.

    • nathalie

      I loved that quote too! There’s so much power I think in visualising things, saying them out loud, committing them to paper. Think I’m going to give it a go this weekend!

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