Link love: January

Well, we’ve almost made it though January! I’ve stumbled across some pretty nice internet recently, so thought I’d share….

“Good journalism about good things”: Eager to check out Positive News magazine

A couple of new (-ish or new to me) podcasts to add to your list: Hurry Slowly, which features brilliant interviews with inspiring thinkers about how slowing down can make you more productive and creative and Switched On Pop, a podcast about the “making and meaning” of pop music. Their breakdown of why Despacito was so musically compelling made for fascinating listening. 

Really interesting read on why life seems to speed up as we get older.

Loved these 10 simple life hacks (definitely trying the one minute rule).

“Imagining a baby without having one is like imagining moving to a llama farm to raise llamas having never met a llama”: Great read on how to decide if you should have kids.

I’m back in Dublin next week, and hope to squeeze in a visit to Pang Dublin (love the look of their rice paper rolls) and cute canteen cafe Hey Donna

I love what Nintendo are doing with the launch of Nintendo Labo for the Switch, mashing real life cut and paste fun and creativity with video games. 

Some recent work: I penned a piece on Cryptocurrencies for, and loved learning about the future of how we spend money; I’ll soon be popping up in the property supplement of the Sunday Independent, sharing some favourite interiors trends; and lots of my pics from last year’s shoot with the wonderful Chupi team and Lesiele are now live on Chupi’s beautiful website.

More work-related bits: I love shooting the Creative Mornings Dublin events, and they recently interviewed me for their blog

And finally, some things on my wishlist: This very cute lamp from Portugese brand Ducka Design, this gorgeous yellow dress from Universal Standard, and a visit to Under the Cover here in Lisbon for an indie mag binge.

Top pic: Gif by the wonderful Xanthe Berkely. I’m thinking of giving her Making Films e-course another shot (here are the fruits of my labour from my first time around).

Have  great weekend!





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