Brunch & a Stroll

I’ve loved learning more and more about Lisbon, and spending weekends exploring new neighbourhoods. One thing I’ve found is that, often, the same places crop up on guides and Instagram again and again. Now, this is for good reason – they’re great. 

But I’ve also been blown away by the number of little gems we’ve stumbled across that are just quietly going about their business. A Janela is one such place. 

Just a few minutes from the centre of Graça (and its pretty miraduouro), and kind of tucked away down a little lane, A Janela has been open since last November. 

I love the bright and cheery decor and the plentiful plants – someone here has a serious green thumb as the little lane leading the way in is littered with all kinds of gorgeous succulents.

 They have two brunch options, a large and a mini. Ben and I went with one large between us, and for that we got: Eggs and bacon, a croissant and artisan breads, a tasty plate of meat and cheese, granola with yoghurt, a coffee and a yum banana-based fruit smoothie. 

Then, when we thought we were done,  two little cups arrived. Inside, there were large chunks of orange sponge cake. We also got a little beaker of hot wine, which you pour over the cake. It was delicious. 

Oh and did I mention that all cost €13?

We then did some more wandering and exploring, and ended up sipping lemonade at an incredibly warm sun spot by Jardim do Torel, realising that soon this heat would be our new reality and chatting about how exactly we were going to cope with that 😂






  • Catarina Barreiros

    Hi! I’m the green thumb in a Janela 🙂 and the chef. Thank you so much… this truly made our day!!

    • Ah wonderful! Next time I’m in I’ll have to pick your brain on all things plant-related 😀 Thank you for some yummy meals, we’ll be back soon 🙂

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