Link love: January

A few bits that have caught my eyes and ears over the past few weeks.

Listening to Semisonic’s Dan Wilson discussing Closing Time on Song Exploder led me down a delightful internet rabbit hole that included this brilliant compilation of advice – ostensibly aimed at songwriters, but there are so many gems there that could be applied to any creative work. 

Speaking of podcasts, this episode of Hurrly Slowly on “holding space for yourself” (without the expectation of productivity) is brilliant. 

I’m currently taking part in Erin Loechner’s A Year of Reflection journaling course and loving it so far. I always mean to journal, but get caught up and distracted by methods, by getting the right notebook, finding the perfect conditions. Her super simple approach still manages to somehow be profoundly good.

Ask Again, Yes is the first book I’ve finished this year and it blew me away, in a sort of soft, quiet way. 

Speaking of blown away, any one else getting stuck into Watchmen? Wow, on on so many levels. Also just finished episode one of Modern Love and it was very sweet and tender. 

“Do not ask your children to strive for extraordinary lives“: Need to get these beautiful words on a print.

Some bits on my wishlist: Annie Atkins’ book on creating graphics for filmmaking | this Greta tee | this cool Bill Withers print | this long-sleeved dress with the dreamiest Peter Pan collar | this ridiculously cute ceramic Frida pot 

Top: Love the smooth shape of these stones, snapped on my phone during a windy Sunday walk along the beautiful Salthill promendade. 

Have a great weekend!

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